‘Tracing the Founding Members of Glasgow Society of Lady Artists’, essay 2018 for ‘Raoul Reynolds: A Retrospective’ (Poursuite Editions, 2018, ed. Zappia, F and TANK Art Space Marseille)

‘A Psychic Conversation with The Big Grey Man’, poem for ‘Dry Yer Eyes, Big Man’, Alan Grieve, Workspace Dunfermline, (2018)

Sally Salisbury, text (2018) for ‘I gladly strained my eyes to follow you’, a project for ‘Cabinet Interventions’ devised by Shauna McMullan, Pollok House, Glasgow (2018)

‘I gladly strained my eyes to follow you’ publication. A guided tour of Pollok House, Shauna McMullan (2018)

‘Just Let the Men Know’ (2017) a short story illustrated by Print Arms. Text: Jenny Brownrigg. The story card is designed by Christine Jones.

‘Patriarchal Palmistry’, Print Arms (2017)

‘Pauline and the Matches’: Narration (34 mins) and script, for ‘Pauline and the Matches’, 12-27 Aug 2017, Custom Lane. Project devised by B Gilbert Scott. Part of Edinburgh Art Festival. Supported by Creative Scotland.

‘The way to Inchfuckery’ (2016), a short story for artist Alan Grieve’s new book of the same title.

Extract: ‘Never forget that the last Saturday night ferry, possibly anywhere in the world, is going to be the one where there are people sick with drink on it. As the sunset flickered over the peninsula, the rolling shouts of a football chant enthusiastically echoed around the harbour walls. A group of lads, emotionally united with their arms wrapped around each other came roiling forward along the pier. The ones on the either end of the gaggle stumbled. They had drawn the short straw in positioning, only allowing them one shoulder or neck to cling unevenly to. So these were to be my companions on the ferry to Inchfuckery….’


POP-UP (2016), a short story illustrated by Paul J Ryding and Neil McGuire. Text: Jenny Brownrigg. A story card is available, designed by Christine Jones.

Extract:[“The Pop-Up”. Xavier placed his hands on the table and leaned forward. This was the body language of leaders. As the youngest guy in the room, he skirted the right kind of informality with his ‘meet the clients’ outfit. He was wearing a narrow black tie with the top button on his white shirt undone. His sleeves were rolled up a little to hint that he wasn’t afraid of hard work, when  actually his line manager would have said he was.  ‘Right guys, we are designing this space in the building for pop-ups. You are going to have a key flow of people through here and you want to grab their attention. This is a flexible, dynamic space which can powerfully encourage repeat visits’….]

'Pop-Up', illustration by Paul J Ryding and Neil McGuire

‘Pop-Up’, illustration by Paul J Ryding and Neil McGuire

‘Tell Us About’

A short story printed on the occasion of ‘LOCATION’, 6 Sept 2015, an open weekend at Hospitalfield, Arbroath, Scotland. Illustration: Mick Peter; Illustration Quote: Oliver Braid; Text: Jenny Brownrigg; Design: Christine Jones. A story card is available.

Extract: [Dirk speaks slowly. It is more from tiredness than understanding the need to speak clearly to camera. The circles are visible under his eyes. They were caused by an installation that went on late into the night. Dirk is over 40 and has become used to 9 to 5s….]


A Story to be Read Inside a Tower

Uma Ray, Work in Progress, Hospitalfield Arts Residency, Aug 2014

Uma Ray, Work in Progress, Hospitalfield Arts Residency, Aug 2014

A Story to be Read in a Tower’ was written following a week spent with Hospitalfield Arts Interdisciplinary Residency practitioners in Arbroath, Scotland (Aug 2014): Mireille Bourgeois (CA), Yael Brotman (CA), Christine Goodman (UK), Libby Hague (CA), Birthe Jorgensen (UK), Anja Majnaric (HR) and Uma Ray (IN). The story picks up on what each person was working on at Hospitalfield Arts, along with fragments of conversations and experiences of the week spent together.

Five Art Curators Consider Transforming an Interior


A sense of community has long since left both the location and this group. It is the last site visit of the day….

Download Five Art Curators Consider Transforming An Interior, published in The Burning Sand Volume III (2014), Editor: Sarah Lowndes, Design: Sophie Dyer & Maeve Redmond. Volume III was commissioned by Glasgow International 2014, with support from Outset Scotland.


Today in Graffiti School


On the first day of Graffiti School we did 9am-10am tags. 10am-11am was outlining. Noon-1pm: Japanese Manga animals and their application in an urban context….

‘Today in Graffiti School’ is from a series of short texts for ‘The job never ends for the paranoid’, published in 2HB vol.1, (2009). 2HB is a journal published by the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

Today in Graffiti School

2HB cover

Opening Speeches


The audience are gathered in the top mezzanine of a city gallery. Pausing expectantly from their chatter, they look across some roughly hewn wooden constructions filled with mud, towards four men who stand facing them…

‘Opening Speeches’ is from a series of short texts for ‘The job never ends for the paranoid’, published in 2HB vol.1, (2009). 2HB is a journal published by the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

Opening Speeches

2HB cover

Holding Yellow

Dear Lotte,

Have you made your yellow bowl yet?

I have been invited as one of a group of curators, to select and write about objects from the Burrell Collection, and consider how a contemporary work could resonate…


The Phallocentric Playground

It can be difficult to test any given hypothesis. Thomas supposed that he would be a happier adult if he had a dog and a child. The dog drops him whenever anyone better comes in the room. The young son, observing him critically for the first time says, “Daddy has love handles”. Rona smiles, pleased with her child’s grasp of an advanced sentence formation. Thomas responds by adjusting his expression from disappointment to acceptance. To be generous...

Gnommero cover


Bird of the Devil: Hobby Thrush Hobi albicans


Return the virus to nature

Robin Roberts

Odo Wrenn

Dove Funk

Brianna Swift….

Dowload Hobby Thrush

‘Bird of the Devil’ is A Strict Nature Reserve Book by Edward Summerton, Published by ET4U Denmark ISBN 87-991279-0-8 (2006). I was invited along with others including Michael Marra, Laura Hird, Graham Fagen, Neil Mulholland, Norman Shaw, The Lonely Piper and Sandy Guy to write a short text to accompany a series of Summerton’s altered bird illustrations.


Transcript Volume 3 issue 02

Transcript was edited by Alan Woods (1957-2000) and published by School of Fine Art, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee. This particular issue was looking at Painting. Alan invited me to contribute to the back cover.

Back cover Transcript



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