Review: ‘Suspended Sentences’. Turners Warehouse, Newlyn, Cornwall

Photo: Steve Tanner
Photo: Steve Tanner

{Excerpt} Exemplifying a community-minded approach, ‘Suspended Sentences’ was a large artist-led group exhibition and series of events including experimental film, music and sound nights, taking place at an old unused fish processing factory, Turners Warehouse in Newlyn, Cornwall 2-22 Sept 2013. The exhibition formed an open response to Armitage’s poetry, after his 2013 walk along the South West coast path from Minehead to Land’s End with his last mainland reading happening at Newlyn Art School. Regional artists were invited by the project’s curators Jesse Leroy Smith and Mark Spray, to take Armitage’s poetry as a departure point or to explore the idea of a journey. The show’s title references poet Simon Armitage’s past employment as a probation officer, or as Armitage added on hearing it, could be reminiscent of poetry being written in zero gravity. 

Here is a link to my full review on ‘Interface: Reviews Unedited’ on an

Photo: Steve Tanner

Photo: Steve Tanner

Marie-Claire Hamon (2013)

Marie-Claire Hamon (2013)


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